Walcott Industries Pty Ltd focusses on unlocking the value in your home by delivering alterations, renovations or the addition of extra living space.

Operating in the Perth region since 2006, our loyal and experienced team of trade contractors provide renovation and improvement services, both commercial and residential, along with maintenance and repair works to areas throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

Walcott Industries Pty Ltd has over 20 years of building experience with our Company Director Noel Wallace being a registered Builder since 1996. Having a Registered Builder at the forefront of the company who is accountable to the Building Commission for producing high quality products at all times ensures both a smooth and very well regulated process is adhered to for all Works undertaken by Walcott Industries Pty Ltd.



We have been working with local governments, insurance companies and both private and public organisations with building maintenance services for over 12 years and are

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Building: Residential

We have over 30 years experience building homes around the Perth region, working with you each step of the way. Whether you have a straightforward

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Commercial Building

From Government buildings to offices & workshops, we offer a full breadth of commercial building services. Walcott Industries has worked for three decades with schools,

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Renovations + Additions

We unlock the value in your home through renovations & additions to increase its value. It’s often said that a home is a castle, but

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Granny Flat + Micro Home Specialist

A home addition is becoming more and more popular as real estate prices rise.

There are many fantastic reasons to add to your home, including an increase in living space, a whole new living space, the ability to bring more family members into your home (or cater for the over-stayers!) and even create spaces for rent or AirBnB!

We have noticed more and more families creating comfortable garage spaces, building units and granny flats on their blocks, adding substantial decks and even adding an extra story, and Walcott Industries are the experts at working with clients to design and build these home additions.

A recent client, Ms Dianne Delacey, said about her experience working with Walcott Industries on a granny flat build; “Removing the stress of design approvals and Shire paperwork – they handled everything – we were able to sit back safe in the knowledge that the project was moving forward day after day, on time and on budget. We enjoyed courtesy and professionalism from every tradesperson and perhaps most importantly, they arrived on time!”

The team at Walcott Industries are friendly and professional, so get in touch with us and we’d be delighted to talk to you about your project.


At Walcott Industries Pty Ltd we pride ourselves on carrying out all work in a friendly, punctual and efficient manner.

We believe that our clients receive more than simply a contractor. Rather, they enjoy a genuine partnership that is committed to sustaining long-term outcomes and delivering well above the required level.

It is our focus on communication at all levels from initial point of contract through to completion which will instil in you, our client, confidence in our ability and professionalism to carry out any works you require.